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What does PI Insurnace mean?

PI Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, is a coverage that protects businesses and individuals against claims of negligence, breaches, or failures in their professional services. This type of insurance is not limited to just professionals but can be used by a wide range of businesses.

Why PI Insurance?

Many businesses and professionals wonder why they should even consider getting PI insurance.

Protection against costly claims

Even a minor mistake or misunderstanding can lead to a costly claim against your business, potentially threatening its financial stability.

Upholds reputation

In the event of a dispute, having PI insurance can demonstrate that your business takes its responsibilities seriously and is prepared to address any unintentional oversights.

Contractual requirement

Some clients or projects may mandate that a business has PI insurance before they engage with them, ensuring that there's a safety net in case of any professional errors.

What is PI Insurance? 

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to cover legal costs and any potential compensation that may arise from claims against your business due to professional mistakes or omissions. It encompasses:

  • Claims for incorrect advice or services: If your business provides advice or services that lead to a client’s loss.

  • Breaches of professional duty: If you unintentionally breach a duty you owe as a professional.

  • Legal defense costs: Even if a claim is unfounded, defending against it can be expensive. PI insurance can help cover these costs.

How do you get PI Insurance?

  • Risk assessment: Evaluate the risks associated with your business to determine the appropriate level of coverage.

  • Choosing a policy: There are different types of PI insurance policies tailored for various professions and businesses. Select one that aligns with your business needs. Gerrards can assist in this step, using its vast experience to recommend the most suitable policy for your business.

  • Regular reviews: As your business grows or changes, so might your PI insurance needs. Gerrards can periodically review your policy to ensure it remains the best fit, and make necessary adjustments or recommendations.

  • Expert guidance: With the complexities surrounding PI insurance, having a knowledgeable partner can be invaluable. Gerrards, being specialists in business insurance in New Zealand, can guide businesses through the process, ensuring they get the right protection.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PI Insurance?

  • Financial security: Protects your business from potentially crippling financial claims.

  • Peace of mind: Offers reassurance that if something goes wrong, your business is covered.

  • Enhanced credibility: Demonstrates to clients and partners that your business is responsible and trustworthy.

  • Cost: Premiums can be an added expense for businesses, especially for those just starting out.

  • Policy limits: There might be a cap on how much the insurer will pay out, which may not always cover the full extent of a claim.

  • Possible misconceptions: Having insurance might lead some to believe they can be less diligent, which is not the case.

Common misunderstandings

  • “It’s only for professionals”: While the name suggests it’s for professionals like doctors or architects, many businesses can benefit from PI insurance.

  • “I’m too small to need it”: Size doesn’t matter. Any business providing advice or services can face claims.

  • “It covers all liabilities”: PI insurance doesn’t cover every possible risk. It’s essential to understand its scope and consider other insurances if needed.

How can Gerrards help?

  • Expertise: As specialists in business insurance in New Zealand, Gerrards has the know-how to guide businesses to the right PI insurance.

  • Tailored solutions: Every business is unique. Gerrards ensures that the PI insurance solution offered is tailored to the specific needs of each business.

  • Ongoing support: From helping with policy selection to assisting in the claims process, Gerrards is a partner every step of the way.

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