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Mercedes-Benz Truck Insurance

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Mercedes-Benz Truck Cover

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

At Gerrards, we specialize in arranging the perfect insurance coverage for your Mercedes-Benz trucks. Whether you're looking to insure a single vehicle or a fleet, our expert team is here to guide you through the process and ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

Types of Cover

Single Vehicle (Comprehensive)

Comprehensive insurance is ideal for individual Mercedes-Benz trucks. This cover protects against a variety of incidents, including accidents, theft, fire, and environmental damages. It's a complete package ensuring peace of mind for Mercedes-Benz truck owners.

Fleet (Approximately 15 or More Vehicles)

If you operate a fleet of 15 or more Mercedes-Benz trucks, our fleet insurance offers a consolidated, cost-effective solution. This cover ensures all your vehicles are protected under one policy, simplifying management and potentially reducing costs.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use coverage is essential if your Mercedes-Benz truck is off the road due to repairs after an insured loss. It covers the cost of hiring a substitute vehicle that matches the specifications of your insured truck, ensuring your business continuity. Specific terms, such as the excess period, daily limits, and maximum compensation duration, are detailed in your policy.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This insurance covers damages to third parties caused by your Mercedes-Benz truck, along with protection against theft and fire damage to your own vehicle. It's a middle-ground coverage option that provides more than basic third-party insurance.

Third Party Only

Third Party Only insurance is the most basic form of cover, protecting against damages your Mercedes-Benz truck might cause to other people or their property. It does not cover damages to your own vehicle.

How do Claims Work?

At Gerrards, our in-house experts handle claims from start to finish. We advocate on your behalf, aiming for the best and fastest resolution. Our team works diligently to manage the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you.

What Can Mercedes-Benz Truck Insurance Cover?

Mercedes-Benz insurance can cover a range of scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Accidental damage to your vehicle
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Liability for third-party property damage
  • Costs associated with a replacement vehicle during repairs
  • Legal costs associated with covered claims

What Models Can You Arrange Cover For?

We can arrange cover for every Mercedes-Benz truck model ever made, from classic to the latest models. This includes:

  • L-Series
  • NG Series
  • SK Series
  • Actros
  • Atego
  • L-Series
  • NG Series
  • SK Series
  • Actros
  • Atego

How to Get Your Mercedes-Benz Truck Insured?

Getting your Mercedes-Benz truck insured through Gerrards is straightforward. You can apply online, call us, or visit our office in person. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you select the best cover for your specific needs.

Remember, choosing the right insurance cover for your Mercedes-Benz truck is crucial for your peace of mind and the continuity of your business. Trust Gerrards to provide you with the best insurance solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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