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As a logging company, safeguarding your operations, assets, and employees is critical. One way to achieve this is through comprehensive logging insurance. Gerrards Insurance Brokers is here to assist you in securing the best deal and cover for your logging insurance. You can contact us now to get a quote, or continue reading for more information.

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Why Do Logging Companies Need Insurance?

Operating in the logging industry exposes companies to a plethora of risks, including equipment damage, accidents, employee injuries, and even legal actions. Without the proper insurance coverage, the financial ramifications of these risks could be devastating. A well-rounded logging insurance plan helps mitigate these risks and ensures that your business can recover from unexpected events.

What are the Covers a Logging Company Might Need?

A comprehensive logging insurance policy could include:

Vehicle Insurance

Protects against damages or loss to logging vehicles.

Mobile Plant Insurance

Covers mobile machinery and equipment against theft, damage, or breakdown.

Equipment and Plant Insurance

Safeguards your stationary machinery and plants.

Public Liability Insurance

Covers legal liabilities for injuries or property damage caused to third parties.

Statutory Liability Insurance

Protects against prosecution expenses and fines from unintentional breach of New Zealand laws.

Employers Liability

Covers compensation claims arising from illness or injury sustained by employees in the workplace.

Employee Disputes Insurance

Covers legal costs associated with employment dispute claims.

Directors and Officers Liability

Protects the personal assets of company directors and officers from claims made against them.

Logging Insurance Claims Examples

Understanding the importance of these coverages becomes clearer with real-world scenarios:

Theft of Mobile Plant

A heavy piece of machinery gets stolen from your worksite. Mobile Plant Insurance will cover the cost of replacing the stolen equipment, ensuring your business operations can continue with minimal disruption.

Employee Injury & WorkSafe Investigation

An employee gets injured while felling trees, and a subsequent WorkSafe investigation takes place. Statutory Liability Insurance can help cover the costs of the legal expenses. 

Vehicle Crash

A logging truck involved in an accident results in the vehicle’s damage and the third-party’s property. Vehicle Insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs of your truck and damage to the other party. 

Equipment Fire

A fire breaks out at your logging site and damages several machines. Equipment and Plant Insurance would cover the repair or replacement costs of the damaged equipment. Public Liability insurance can cover the cost for third party damage such as burned down trees if the fire started due to your negligence. 


A landslip on your logging site results in considerable damage to your machinery. Your Mobile Plant Insurance would cover these damages, allowing you to replace or repair the damaged machinery.

What to Watch Out For With Logging Insurance

Accurate Business Activities Declaration:

Ensure you declare your actual business activities accurately. For instance, if you’re engaged in felling trees, don’t declare you are merely doing site preparation.

Regular Review of Your Policy:

As your business grows and evolves, so do your insurance needs. Regularly review and update your policy to ensure it reflects your current situation.


Underestimating the value of your assets can leave you underinsured, meaning you may not receive enough compensation to cover your losses in the event of a claim.

Excess Levels:

Ensure you’re comfortable with the excess levels in your policy. A lower premium might mean a higher excess, which can be costly when a claim arises. Keep a special eye on fire excesses, these can be $10,000 or more. 

Policy Exclusions:

Be aware of any exclusions in your policy. These are specific situations or items that your insurance does not cover.

How Much Does Logging Insurance Cost?

The cost of logging insurance varies significantly based on several factors:

Size of the Logging Operation

Larger operations may require more extensive coverage, resulting in higher premiums.


Areas prone to natural disasters might incur higher insurance costs.

Who is being covered?

Including more employees or vehicles on the policy increases the premium.

Your Claims History

A history of frequent claims can result in higher premiums.

Level and Types of Cover Required

More comprehensive policies with higher limits will cost more.

Please contact us for an accurate cost indication or full quotation.

How to Buy Logging Insurance?

To purchase logging insurance, reach out to us at Gerrards Insurance Brokers. We’ll help you understand your risk profile, tailor a policy that meets your unique needs, and ensure you get the best deal.

What Insurers Do We Use?

We work with a range of reputable insurers, including Vero, NZI, QBE, Ando, AIG, TLC, UANZ, and many more. Our strong relationships with these insurers allow us to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf.


In the complex and risk-laden world of the logging industry, securing comprehensive insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. With Gerrards Insurance Brokers, you get a partner dedicated to helping you navigate this complexity, ensuring your business is well-protected and resilient. Reach out today, and let us find you the best logging insurance solution for your business.

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