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Lexus Insurance

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Lexus Insurance Cover


We understand the importance of protecting your Lexus, a symbol of luxury and reliability. From the classic charm of the oldest Lexus models to the innovative features of the latest ones, we've got you covered.

Types of Cover


Comprehensive insurance offers the most extensive coverage. It not only covers damages to others but also includes protection for your Lexus against theft, fire, vandalism, and weather-related damages.

Third Party Fire & Theft

This insurance covers damages to other vehicles in an accident and protects your Lexus in case of fire or theft.

Third Party Only

This basic coverage is essential. It covers the damage you might cause to other vehicles but doesn't cover your Lexus.

Business Use

For Lexus vehicles used for business purposes, this cover ensures that your company car is protected during work-related travel.

Hobby/Classic Car

Own a classic Lexus? Enjoy specialized insurance options like lower rates for limited kilometer usage, perfect for your cherished collector's item.

Why Choose Lexus Insurance?

  • Security: Protects your investment in a Lexus, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: Tailored options to match your specific Lexus model and usage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From minor mishaps to major incidents, you’re covered.

What Does Lexus Insurance Cover?

Lexus insurance typically includes:

  • Accident Repair: Covers the costs of repairs after an accident.
  • Theft and Fire: Protection against loss due to theft or fire damage.
  • Liability Protection: Covers damages you may cause to others with your Lexus.

What Models Can You Arrange Cover For?

We can arrange insurance for every Lexus model ever made, including:

  • LS 400
  • ES 250
  • SC 400
  • SC 300
  • GS 300
  • LX 450
  • ES 300
  • RX 300
  • IS 200
  • IS 300
  • LS 430
  • GS 430
  • GS 400
  • GX 470
  • RX 330
  • LS 460
  • LS 600h L
  • ES 350
  • GS 350
  • GS 450h
  • IS F
  • RX 350
  • RX 450h
  • HS 250h
  • CT 200h
  • LFA
  • GX 460
  • NX 200t
  • NX 300h
  • RC 350
  • RC F
  • RC 300
  • RX 200t
  • GS F
  • LX 570
  • LC 500
  • LC 500h
  • LS 500
  • LS 500h
  • UX 200
  • UX 250h
  • ES 200
  • ES 260
  • ES 300h
  • RX 350L
  • RX 450hL
  • LM 300h
  • LM 350
  • IS 300h
  • IS 500
  • NX 350
  • NX 350h
  • NX 450h+
  • LX 600
  • RX 500h
  • RZ 450e

How to Get Your Lexus Insured?

Getting your Lexus insured with Gerrards is straightforward. You can:

  • Apply Online: Convenient and fast.
  • Phone Us: Talk directly to our friendly staff.
  • Visit Our Office: For personalized service and advice.

Protect your Lexus with Gerrards, where we make insurance simple and effective. Whether it’s a daily driver or a cherished classic, we’ve got an insurance solution for you.

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