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Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers

Our team of dedicated brokers possess high levels of expertise in the trucking industry. Whether you operate a single truck or an expansive fleet of vehicles, we will arrange the most cost effective solution for you.

Transport insurance quotes

We understand the unique needs of truck owners and operators in New Zealand. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and partnerships, we arrange comprehensive truck insurance quotes from the top insurers in the country.

Whether you’re an owner-driver managing a linehaul or longhaul journey, operating a delivery service, or involved in specialized transport such as livestock, our insurance solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. We also cover various truck types, including tow trucks, semi-trucks, container trucks, tipper trucks, fuel tankers and more.

Entrust us with your requirements, and we’ll ensure you receive the most competitive and tailored coverage options available. 

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Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive policy covers damages to your truck from collisions, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and fire. It also includes coverage for the legal liability in case your truck causes property damage or personal injury.

Cover for your Legal Liability

The third-party aspect of truck insurance is vital for managing liabilities that may arise if your truck is involved in an accident affecting others. For instance, imagine your truck accidentally swerves off the road and damages a shopfront. In this scenario, the insurance would cover the repairs to the shop, safeguarding your transport business from potentially significant out-of-pocket expenses. Another example is if your truck collides with another vehicle at an intersection, causing damage to the car and injuries to someone else’s car and its occupants. Here, your insurance would step in to handle the repair for the damaged vehicle and potentially cover medical expenses for the injured parties.

Which insurers do you use?

We have access to all of the top heavy vehicle insurers in New Zealand. These include NZI, Vero, Dual, Zurich, Ando & QBE. Each insurer is competitive in different scenarios and we will approach all insurance companies that are applicable your business.

How do claims work?

  1. Firstly, the incident will occur. At the scene, make sure all parties are safe and call emergency services if neccesary.

  2. Once everyone is safe, you need to collect the details from all parties involved. This shoud include taking photos and noting the location. If you don’t know what details you need for your claim, call us.

  3. We now need to notify the insurance company of the claim. You can call or email us and we will help with the claim form. The insurer will ask questions such as did the driver have the appropriate licence? How old was the person driving? Did the incident involve somone else’s property?

  4. Once notififed,the insurance company will assess the damage to vehicle. If it is significant, the insurer will appoint an assessor. If not then they will generally leave it up the to your chosen repairer.

  5. Once the damage has been assessed, the insurance company will decide whether to write the truck off or repair the damage. If they decide to repair the damage, they will authorise the reparier to proceed. If it is written off, they will will need further information and will obtain a valuation from a professional valuer and then propose a settlement amount.

  6. If you have selected loss of use, you will be entitled to a dailly allowance to cover the cost of hiring a temporary replacement truck. This is typically paid out at the end of the week once the hire cost has been incurred by you.

Automatic Cover

An insurance policy typically includes key benefits or automatic extensions. For a full list of automatic extensions, refer to the policy wordings of your chosen insurer.

  • Load Recovery: This extension covers salvaging and relocating goods spilled from an insured vehicle following an accident. It helps minimize operational disruptions and financial losses from damaged or lost goods, ensuring continuity and reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Completion of Journey: If a loss prevents a vehicle from completing its journey, this coverage pays for hiring a similar vehicle to finish the trip or return the vehicle or driver to their starting point. It will also pay to return the repaired vehicle to its base or recover it if stolen, aiding in business continuity.

  • Windscreen and Window Glass: This extension covers the repair or replacement of damaged windscreens and window glass without requiring an excess fee. It also covers reinstatement of tinting or signwriting on the glass, maintaining vehicle safety and appearance efficiently and cost-effectively.


Recommended insurance covers for trucking businesses

Insurance can help your truck business cover costs related to property damage, provide liability protection for customer and employee accidents, protect you and compensate for lost income.

Truck Insurance

Protects commercial vehicles used for work purposes. It covers accidents, damages, and injuries related to the covered vehicle while it’s being used for business activities.

Best For
  • Repair costs
  • Third party damages
  • Injuries 

Loss of use

Coverage that helps when your vehicle is unusable due to an accident. It covers the cost of a temporary replacement vehicle, so you can still get operate your business whilst it is being reparied.


Best For
  • Temporary vehicle
  • Reimbursement expenses
  • Accident downtime

Public Liability

This policy covers common trucking business risks including bodily injuries, customer property damage, and advertising injuries. 

Best For
  • Business Accident Coverage
  • Third-party Damages
  • Legal Cost Protection

Carriers Liability Insurance

Carrier’s liability insurance in New Zealand covers transport operators for their liability when goods they’re transporting for customers are lost, damaged, or delayed. 

Best For
  • Goods damage
  • Transit loss 
  • Theft

Management Liability

Management liability insurance in NZ shields trucking company leaders from legal and financial risks due to their managerial responsibilities.

Best For
  • Directors liability 
  • Employment disputes
  • Legal defence

Statutory Liability

This cover is a type of protection that helps trucking businesses cover costs if they accidentally break certain laws or regulations.

Best For
  • Unintentional breaches protection
  • Legal costs
  • Fines and penalties

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