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Insurance for ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce insurance NZ

Ecommerce insurance is a package that consists of various insurance policies specifically tailored for businesses operating online. It provides protection to these businesses from potential risks that can arise in the digital environment, such as data breaches, business interruption, and more.

Why is ecommerce insurance important? 

With online transactions come inherent risks – from cyber threats to logistical errors. Ecommerce insurance ensures that if anything goes wrong, you won’t bear the full brunt financially. It acts as a safety net, helping your business recover and ensuring continuity.

In New Zealand, the average cost of ecommerce insurance typically ranges between $50 – $150 per month. 

It’s crucial to have ecommerce coverage if your business:

  • Handles online payments
  • Stores customer data
  • Ships products nationwide
  • Has a digital storefront

What insurance covers are typically included in ecommerce insurance? 

Cyber Insurance

Insurance that helps protect ecommerce businesses from financial losses caused by cyber-related incidents, like data breaches and computer attacks.

Best For
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Phishing scams 
  • Cyber extortion 

Stock Insurance

Stock insurance in NZ is a type of coverage that helps protect ecommerce businesses from the loss or damage to the items they sell.

Best For
  • Mishaps 
  • Natural Disasters
  • Fires

Public Liability

This policy covers common ecommerce business risks that could result from there products. These include bodily injuries, customer property damage, and advertising injuries. 

Best For
  • Business Accident Coverage
  • Third-party Damages
  • Legal Cost Protection

Statutory Liability

This cover is a type of protection that helps ecommerce businesses cover costs if they accidentally break certain laws or regulations.

Best For
  • Unintentional breaches protection
  • Legal costs
  • Fines and penalties

How much does ecommerce insurance cost?

Ecommerce insurance premiums are calculated on several different factors including:

  • Types of cover
  • Turnover
  • Location 
  • Claims History 

Ecommerce insurance in NZ typically costs between $50 to $150 per month

Who needs ecommerce insurance?

Every business operating online in NZ should consider Ecommerce insurance. This includes:

  • Online retailers selling products.
  • Digital service providers.
  • Subscription-based businesses.
  • Online marketplaces and platforms.

The coverage amount is based on your business size, the nature of your products or services, your exposure to risks, and the sales volume. Consulting an insurance broker, like Gerrards, can give you a clearer picture tailored to your specific needs

Ecommerce insurance is a smart investment due to the varied risks online businesses face. Without it, you’re financially exposed.

How do I get an ecommerce insurance quote? 

We understand the unique needs of ecommerce businesses in New Zealand. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and partnerships, we provide comprehensive ecommerce insurance quotes from the top insurers in the country. Entrust us with your requirements, and we’ll ensure you receive the most competitive and tailored coverage options available.

To obtain an ecommerce insurance quote we may require you to provide some fundamental details about your business, such as:

  • The name of your business
  • The total number of employees
  • Predicted annual income
  • Years of experience in the industry

How do I get proof of ecommerce business insurance?

You can usually get proof of ecommerce insurance same day when you purchase insurance through Gerrards.

Acquiring an ecommerce business insurance certificate from traditional insurance brokers may require a few weeks, a delay that could create problems for policyholders who need instant insurance proof for an imminent contract or project. We can typically provide an ecommerce insurance certificate within 48 hours. 

To obtain insurance coverage promptly, contact one of our ecommerce insurance brokers. 

What does ecommerce insurance not cover?

Intentional Malfeasance

Ecommerce insurance is in place to cover honest mistakes or unforeseen circumstances, not deliberate wrongdoing. If a business owner or an employee intentionally commits fraud, theft, or any criminal acts, the insurance will not cover the associated losses or legal implications.

Contractual Liabilities

When your business enters into a contract and willingly assumes specific liabilities or responsibilities, standard Ecommerce insurance policies typically won’t cover these obligations. This means if you promise something in a contract and can’t deliver, your policy won’t cover the resulting backlash.

War and Nuclear Hazards

As with most insurance policies, losses caused by war, invasions, insurrections, or nuclear hazards are not covered. These are considered larger scale and beyond regular business operations.

Other common questions about ecommerce insurance

Yes, even if third-party platforms have security measures, it’s essential to have your own coverage. Their protections might not shield you from every potential risk.

Coverage for international sales is policy-specific. If your business operates globally, ensure this is discussed when setting up your insurance to guarantee the correct coverage.

Some policies do offer this protection, but it might be an additional or separate inclusion. Discuss this with your broker to ensure goods in transit are insured.

Yes, digital products can be covered, but it’s crucial to specify the nature of your products when taking out a policy. Coverage might differ for digital versus physical goods.

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