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How does Airbnb affect house and contents insurance NZ?

Airbnb and Insurance

Airbnb hosting in New Zealand requires careful consideration of your house and contents insurance. If you're hosting occasionally, a standard policy with additional coverage for holiday home and casual letting might be enough. However, for properties exclusively used as Airbnb rentals, a commercial insurance policy is necessary.

Why Does Airbnb Hosting Affect My Insurance?

Increased Risk

Hosting guests through Airbnb increases the likelihood of property damage, theft, or accidents.

Change in Property Use

Insurance companies view Airbnb hosting as a shift from personal to commercial use, thus changing the risk assessment and necessitating different coverage.

Legal and Financial Protections

Adequate insurance is not just about compliance with Airbnb’s policies and local laws; it's also about safeguarding your financial interests against potential claims and damages.

How does airbnb affect house and contents insurance nz Gerrards

What Type of Insurance Do I Need for Airbnb Hosting?

Tailoring Insurance to Hosting Style:

  • For Occasional Hosts: If you host guests only a few times a year, your existing house and contents policy might suffice, provided it includes holiday home and casual letting coverage. However, it’s vital to confirm this with your insurer as not all standard policies include such coverage.
  • For Regular or Full-Time Hosts: If your property is primarily used for Airbnb, a more comprehensive commercial insurance policy is needed. This should include material damage coverage (covering the building and any contents), along with public and statutory liability to protect against claims from guests.

How Can You Do Airbnb Hosting Right Insurance-Wise?

Securing the Right Protection:

  • Disclosure is Key: Always inform your insurer about your Airbnb activities. Failure to do so can lead to denied claims or policy cancellation.
  • Appropriate Coverage: Evaluate your hosting pattern and choose a policy that matches your specific needs.
  • Regular Policy Reviews: As your Airbnb hosting evolves, regularly reviewing and updating your insurance policy ensures continuous adequate coverage.

Common Misunderstandings in Airbnb Hosting and Insurance

Clearing Up Confusions:

  • Misplaced Reliance on Standard Policies: A common misconception is that standard home insurance policies are adequate for Airbnb hosting, which is often not the case.
  • Overestimating Airbnb’s Host Guarantee: While Airbnb offers a Host Guarantee, this is limited to personal injury cover only and does not provide the needed cover for your home, contents or liabilities.
  • Underestimating Policy Exclusions: Many hosts are not aware of the exclusions in their policies, which can lead to significant uncovered losses.

How Can Gerrards Help with Airbnb Hosting Insurance?

Expert Guidance and Tailored Solutions:

  • Specialized Coverage: At Gerrards, we specialize in business insurance and understand the unique needs of Airbnb hosts. We can provide tailored insurance solutions that suit your specific hosting situation.
  • Professional Advice: Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of insurance coverage for Airbnb hosting, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Continuous Support: We offer ongoing support and advice, adjusting your coverage as your Airbnb hosting evolves, ensuring you always have the most appropriate and up-to-date protection.

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