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Freightliner Truck Insurance

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Freightliner Cover

Freightliner Trucks

At Gerrards, we understand the importance of protecting your investment, whether it's your first entry-level Iveco truck or the latest high-end model. We specialize in arranging insurance cover for all types of Iveco trucks, from the most basic models, like the Iveco Daily, to the newest and most advanced ones, such as the Iveco S-Way. Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind by providing comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

Types of Cover

Single Vehicle (Comprehensive)

Comprehensive insurance for single vehicles, including Freightliner trucks, offers broad protection. It covers damages to your vehicle from accidents, theft, fire, and natural disasters. It's ideal for ensuring your Freightliner is protected against most risks on and off the road.

Fleet (Approximately 15 or More Vehicles)

For businesses operating around 15 or more vehicles, fleet insurance provides a consolidated cover option. This simplifies managing insurance policies for multiple Freightliners, ensuring uniform protection against accidents, theft, and other perils.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use coverage steps in when your Freightliner is unavailable due to repairs from a covered loss. It covers the cost of hiring a substitute vehicle of similar specification, ensuring your business continues smoothly. Conditions apply, such as the claim being payable under Part 1 and specific limits on compensation.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This insurance covers damage your Freightliner might cause to other people's property and protection against theft or fire damage to your own vehicle. It's a middle-ground coverage option, offering more protection than basic third-party but less than comprehensive cover.

Third Party Only

Third Party Only insurance is the most basic form of coverage, protecting against damages your vehicle might cause to others. It doesn't cover damage to your own Freightliner, making it a budget-conscious option for legal compliance.

How do Claims Work?

Our in-house experts manage the entire claims process on your behalf, from initial filing to resolution. We advocate for you, aiming to achieve the best and fastest outcome, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

What Can Freightliner Trucks Insurance Cover?

Freightliner insurance can cover a range of events, including accidental damage, theft, fire, and liability for damage your truck might cause to other vehicles or property. Specific coverage options like Loss of Use can also support your business continuity by providing a substitute vehicle during repairs.

What models can you arrange cover for?

We can arrange cover for the entire range of Freightliner models, from the brand’s inception to the latest releases:

  • FL Series
  • Powerliner
  • FLC Series
  • FLT Series
  • FLA Series
  • FLD Series
  • Classic
  • Classic XL
  • Century Class
  • Columbia
  • Coronado
  • Argosy
  • Cascadia
  • M2 Business Class
  • 108SD
  • 114SD
  • 122SD
  • EconicSD

How to get your Freightliner Truck Insured?

Getting your Freightliner truck insured through Gerrards is straightforward. You can apply online through our website, call us directly, or visit our office in person. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, helping you select the best coverage options for your needs.

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