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Aston Martin Insurance Cover

Aston Martin

At Gerrards, we understand the value and prestige of your Aston Martin, from the earliest classics like the 1950 DB2 to the modern marvels like the 2023 DBX707. Our range of insurance options ensures your vehicle gets the protection it deserves.

Types of Cover


For the most exclusive and expensive Aston Martins, offering the highest level of cover to protect your investment.

Modern Hobby

Ideal for Aston Martins less than 25 years old that are not your primary vehicle but still a cherished part of your collection.

Vintage Cars

Specialized cover for Aston Martins built between 1919 to 1930, ensuring these very rare classics receive the care they need.

Classic Cars (Over 25 Years Old)

Tailored policies for Aston Martins over 25 years old, recognizing their unique place in automotive history.

Business Use

Comprehensive cover for Aston Martins used as company cars, ensuring your business's assets are well protected.

Project Cars

Customized insurance for highly tuned, modified, or project Aston Martins, acknowledging the extra value and risks of these unique vehicles.


Specifically designed for your road car during track events, this cover provides peace of mind for your Aston Martin on special track days.


Off-track insurance for motorsport individuals and teams, designed to protect your Aston Martin while you focus on winning.

Aston Martin Gerrards

Why Choose Aston Martin Insurance?

  • Expertise: We specialize in luxury car insurance, understanding the unique needs of Aston Martin owners.
  • Customization: Our policies are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your vehicle and lifestyle.
  • Peace of Mind: With Gerrards, you can enjoy your Aston Martin with the assurance that it’s fully protected.

What Does Aston Martin Insurance Cover?

Our policies are comprehensive, covering a range of scenarios to ensure your peace of mind. These include:

  • Accidental Damage: Protection against unexpected incidents.
  • Theft and Fire: Security in the case of theft or fire damage.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: Cover for damage or injury you might cause to others.

What Models can you cover?

At Gerrards, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for all Aston Martin models from their inception to the present day.

  • Standard Sports
  • First Series
  • International
  • Le Mans
  • 12/50 Standard
  • Mk II
  • Ulster
  • 2-Litre Speed Models (Sports, Drophead Coupé)
  • 2-Litre Sports (DB1)
  • DB2
  • DB2/4
  • DB Mark III
  • DB4
  • DB4 GT Zagato
  • DB5
  • Short Chassis Volante
  • DB6
  • DBS
  • V8
  • V8 Vantage
  • V8 Zagato
  • Virage/Virage Volante
  • Vantage
  • V8 Coupe/V8 Volante
  • DB7/DB7 Vantage
  • V12 Vanquish/Vanquish S
  • DB9
  • V8 and V12 Vantage
  • DBS V12
  • Rapide
  • Virage/Virage Volante
  • Cygnet
  • Vanquish/Vanquish S
  • DB11
  • Vantage
  • DBS Superleggera
  • DBX

How to Get Aston Martin Insurance?

Getting insurance for your Aston Martin with Gerrards is straightforward:

  • Online Application: Convenient and quick, apply directly on our website.
  • Phone Consultation: Talk to our experts for personalized service.
  • Visit Our Office: Drop by our office in New Zealand for a face-to-face consultation.

With Gerrards, insuring your Aston Martin is as exceptional as the vehicle itself. Trust us to provide the protection your prestigious car deserves.

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