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Can you get house cover with a code of compliance?

House insurance without code of compliance

Yes, you can get house insurance without a code of compliance as long as you provide a certificate of practical completion for new builds or an explanation for existing dwellings. We can assist you in this process.

Why Can You Get House Insurance Without a Code of Compliance?

Building regulations change

Building codes and regulations change over time. Some older properties might have been built under different standards which, while not compliant today, were valid at the time.

Certificate of Practical Completion

This certificate is an acknowledgment that the property has reached a stage where it's considered complete for all practical purposes, even if it doesn’t have the code of compliance.

Special circumstances

There might be certain circumstances where the code of compliance can't be obtained immediately. In such situations, insurance can still be critical to protect the property and its owners.

What is a Certificate of Practical Completion?

A Certificate of Practical Completion is a document that certifies that a construction project or a significant alteration to an existing property has been completed to a stage where it can be used for its intended purpose. While it might not meet every tiny detail required for a code of compliance, it confirms that the essential works are done, and the structure is safe.

How Can You Do It Right?

  1. Understand the terms: Before signing any policy, ensure you understand what’s covered and what’s not, especially in the absence of a code of compliance.

  2. Stay updated: If you’re working towards obtaining the code of compliance, inform the insurance company once you receive it.

  3. Regular inspections: Regularly inspect your property to ensure that even without the code, it’s maintained in good condition.

Disadvantages/Advantages of Getting Insurance Without Code of Compliance

  • Protection for your property: Even without the code, your property gets the necessary protection against risks.
  • Peace of mind: You’re covered in case of unforeseen events, giving you a sense of security.
  • Flexibility: It provides homeowners an option when the code of compliance isn’t immediately available.
  • Potential for higher premiums: Insurers might charge more due to perceived risks.
  • Limited coverage: Some insurance policies might not offer comprehensive coverage.
  • Difficulty in claim settlement: If something goes wrong, having no code of compliance might complicate the claims process.

Common Misunderstandings

  1. Equivalent to full compliance: Having a certificate of practical completion doesn’t mean the property complies with all regulations.

  2. Permanent alternative: It’s usually a temporary solution until the code of compliance is obtained.

  3. Same insurance costs: Not having a code of compliance can sometimes affect the premiums and coverage.

How Can Gerrards Help?

Gerrards, as an expert insurance broker in New Zealand specialising in business insurance, can:

  1. Guide you through the process: We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of obtaining insurance without the code.

  2. Connect you with the right insurers: Not all insurance companies offer such policies. Gerrards has the experience and network to connect you to the right providers.

  3. Ensure comprehensive coverage: We’ll ensure that you get the best possible coverage for your property, even without the code of compliance.

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