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Contract works insurance certificate

A Contract Works Insurance Certificate is a legal document that provides proof of a particular insurance policy taken by a party involved in a construction project. 

When Do You Need a Certificate of Contract Works Insurance Certificate?

You may be wondering when you would need a Certificate of Contract Works Insurance. Here are three different situations where it may be required:

Starting a New Construction Project

When you’re initiating a new construction project, whether residential, commercial, or civil, a Contract Works Insurance Certificate is often necessary. This document can act as a safety net, ensuring that all parties involved are covered if things don’t go as planned. It may be a requirement from the project owner or the contractor, and failure to present it could delay the start of the project.

Applying for Construction Loans

Financial institutions often require a Contract Works Insurance Certificate when applying for construction loans. The certificate serves as a form of security for the lending institution, knowing that if something goes awry during construction, the insurance will cover the associated costs.

Renovation Projects

Even for  renovation works on existing structures, you may require contract works insurance. Significant renovations can expose your property to a host of risks similar to new constructions, like accidental damage or destruction due to the work carried out. Having contract works insurance in such situations can save you from incurring heavy out-of-pocket expenses.

What information does a contract works certificate of insurance include?

A Certificate of Insurance typically includes the following information:

  • Name of the Insured: This is the person or business covered by the policy.
  • Policy Number: This unique number identifies your specific policy.
  • Insurance Provider: The name of the company providing your insurance.
  • Effective Date and Expiry Date: The dates between which your coverage is valid.
  • Sums Insured: The amount insured. 
  • Types of Coverage: The specific types of coverage included in the policy.

It’s essential to understand that a Certificate of Insurance is proof of insurance but doesn’t alter, extend, or change the coverage provided by your insurance policy.

How do you get a certificate of contract works insurance?

To get a contract works certificate of insurance you must have a policy in place. If you don’t have contract works cover, you can contact one of our brokers.

Our brokers will typically have quotes to you on the same day. Once you accept a quote for contract works insurance a certificate of insurance can be issued immediately. 

If you already have cover in place, contact your broker at Gerrards and they will send you your certificate. 

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