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Are pandemics covered by travel insurance?

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies are evolving, and our main provider now includes specific coverage for pandemic diseases such as COVID-19, covering cancellation and medical expenses if the disease is contracted after purchasing the policy. However, general disruptions caused by pandemics, including lockdowns and travel restrictions, are typically not covered.

Why are pandemics a special consideration for travel insurance providers?

Uncertainty and Risk

Pandemics introduce a high level of uncertainty and risk which can be difficult for insurers to quantify.

Financial Impact

Covering widespread disruptions caused by pandemics could potentially expose insurers to significant financial losses.

Government Involvement

Pandemic responses often involve government-imposed travel restrictions, which can complicate the insurance coverage landscape.

Are pandemics covered by travel insurance Gerrards

What does our main provider’s pandemic coverage include?

The pandemic coverage by our main provider offers protection for travelers in the event they contract a pandemic disease like COVID-19 after purchasing their policy. This includes:

  • Reimbursement for trip cancellations if the traveler contracts a disease.
  • Medical expenses for treatment if the disease is contracted during the trip.
  • Coverage is included for both domestic and international travel under certain conditions.

How does the pandemic coverage work?

To be eligible for the pandemic-related benefits of a travel insurance policy:

  • The policy must be purchased before contracting the disease.
  • The disease must be contracted after the journey commences for medical claims.
  • Claims must align with the terms, conditions, and exclusions set in the Policy Wording.
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What Are the Disadvantages/Advantages of Pandemic Travel Insurance?

  • Provides financial protection for travelers who contract a pandemic disease post-purchase of the policy.
  • Covers medical expenses, which can be significant, especially in foreign countries.
  • Gives travelers peace of mind knowing they have some protection against unforeseeable health risks related to pandemics.
  • Does not cover cancellations or disruptions due to government-mandated lockdowns or border restrictions.
  • Travelers cannot claim for fear of travel or change of mind.
  • Policyholders must navigate complex terms and exclusions which may limit coverage.

How can travelers ensure they are correctly covered for pandemics?

  • Purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your trip to ensure coverage is in effect before any potential pandemic outbreaks.
  • Read the Policy Wording carefully to understand the specific inclusions and exclusions related to pandemics.
  • Keep informed of travel advisories from the New Zealand government as traveling against advice may void your coverage.

What are some common misunderstandings about pandemic coverage in travel insurance?

  • Complete Coverage: Some travelers may assume “pandemic coverage” means all pandemic-related issues are covered, which is not the case.
  • Government Actions: There is often confusion that insurance will cover the consequences of government actions like border closings or lockdowns.
  • Timing of Purchase: Many believe that purchasing travel insurance at any time before the trip will cover them for pandemics, neglecting the fact that the timing of the policy’s purchase in relation to the outbreak is crucial.

How can Gerrards assist with getting the right pandemic coverage?

  • At Gerrards, we specialize in travel insurance and can guide you through the complexities of policies with pandemic coverage.
  • We can help you understand the fine print and make sure you’re aware of what is and isn’t included in your policy.
  • Our expertise as insurance brokers in New Zealand positions us to offer personalized advice and support, ensuring you travel with confidence knowing you have the right coverage in place.


By staying informed and prepared, travelers can navigate the uncertainties of traveling during pandemic times with greater assurance. At Gerrards, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your travels.

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